Celebrating Food with Photography

Photo and food are inseparable friends . For everything else photos may tell a story , but when it comes to food , photos not only tell a story but also tempt us by bringing beautiful visuals , essence and almost a sense of what the taste might be . With smart phone revolution , everybody has become a photographer , so much so that social media has been flooded with beautiful visuals of our favorite food . Punefoodspot celebrates the special bond between photos and food with World Photography Day on 19th August and salutes those who bring us such beautiful visuals , positivity and something to look forward to .

Photo by Abhiram Pathak

Today we are talking to Abhiram Pathak , a young lens-man who started early to establish himself as one of the leading young photographers.

A lot of people are choosing Food Photography

The demand for food photography is on rise. Food photography can be an effective way to increase an engagement on social media and encourage people. Food photography seems like an easy skill to acquire, but in reality it takes a lot of practice and knowledge of brightness, colors, placements, backgrounds, styling. All these factors are game changer for good food photography.

Pick accurate background and surfaces

Pick a background that makes your food stand out. Preparing the food to look delicious and neat is the toughest part. This would also be called food styling since you want to style your food to look nice and presentable with variety of props. Keep an eye out for various props to elevate your food photography according to the product.

Good Angles

Weird angles can ruin a perfectly good food photograph. Play around with what angles look best to you.

Good Quality to make the food look Appetizing

The main purpose of quality food photography is, it should look appetising. The purpose of food photography is to make one’s heart crave for it. Photography is an interesting part for people to get interested in food.

Natural Light and Brightness

Always take your pictures near a window or outside. Maintain the authenticity of the food by not editing it heavily. Brightness beautifies your photograph and makes it highlighting.

Food Photography as career

As a career initially it is a struggle, you need to make contacts, work on contract basis. But if you are really keen, then go for it.

Every picture tells a story!

If the picture of food you have captured is tempting and crave worthy then people go for reading the description. Practice your visual literacy skills first.

Photo by Abhiram Pathak
Photo by Abhiram Pathak

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