Extravaganza Seafood Fest at Puran da dhaba,The Pride Hotel

Seafood lovers of Pune are in for a treat! The Pride Hotel’s Puran Da Dhaba Restaurant is hosting a seafood festival. This seafood festival will bring a variety of seafood delicacies for food lovers. This festival would take place from 7th to 16th October 2016 in evening 7.30 to 11.00 pm. Regional Executive Chef of The Pride hotel Aman Tondon informed, that the festival includes menus like Chingari Masher Malai, Funkari Vazidali ,Jaypuri Such Angar, Zinga Meharunissa, Malai Daag-Chingari, Rava Bangada fry, Shonar Doyi  Mach. So mark your calendars and head towards Puran Da Dhaba to gorge on the seafood delicacies. 
chingri-macher-malai-21-1024x6831 funkary-jheenga-wazid-ali jalpari-surkh-angaar jheenga-mehrunissa malai-daab-chingri rava-bangda-fry

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