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Although I wouldn’t like to bracket myself in the foodie category, I would definitely call myself a connoisseur of good taste. Today’s global village with a wide variety of cuisines and a pot pourri of cultures and traditions has diverse food options on offer.

Diet friendly dishes for the health conscious

Located bang opposite the well known Hotel Sea Princess on Juhu-Tara Road , Kale and Kaffee dishes out a range of diet friendly dishes for the health conscious including some amazing keto food, salads and gluten free desserts . The Menu consists of breakfast items for the morning , Keto Menu , Super Bowls, Sandwiches…

Bites , Brews and Beats

If you are looking for a hangout in the mornings or especially evenings in the eastern part of the city , Stereo Cafe is the place to be . Located near joggers park in a relatively quiet location , this place has nice little outdoor seating apart from funky interior.

Salads are the new main course !

There was a time when Salads were almost insignificant part of our meals. It was just considered amongst the so called sides, may be alongside papad, pickles and chutneys. But today the things have changed upside down. Thanks to the weight conscious generation, salads are the new main course while eating out and traditional main courses are taking a…