Milind Pande: Educator

I come from a holy town, Shegaon in Buldhana district. Maharashtrian dishes like Pithla (traditional Maharashtrian recipe made with gram flour), Bhaje bhaat, Kadhi (thick gravy based on gram flour) and Kuskara (leftover chapatis which are stir fried) are the ones that I like and are also popular here . People in this region also love spicy food and understand the magic of flavors.

Bites , Brews and Beats

If you are looking for a hangout in the mornings or especially evenings in the eastern part of the city , Stereo Cafe is the place to be . Located near joggers park in a relatively quiet location , this place has nice little outdoor seating apart from funky interior.

Maharaja Bhog- A royal dining experience like no other!

With Pune expanding in all directions and a modern food culture evolving,the taste for traditional thali is still intact.. Maharashtrian, Rajasthani, Gujarati Thalis continue to gain immense popularity amongst people .

Jar it up!

Mason Jars were used for storing items in our houses and for a long time were just packaging of different sauces ,pickles and jams. However, recently, Mason Jars have become an important part of the presentation of food. Be it drinks like shakes , mojitos or cold coffee and  desserts like apple crumble or tiramisu…

Frozen treats are back with a twist!

Till a few years back, Ice Creams, thick shakes , fruit desserts were considered a five to ten minute affair may be late in the night after people were done with their dinner . But new entrepreneurs and Ice Cream & Fruit Dessert chains are changing the way people look at these delicacies. Ronak Mehta,…

Bhairavee Restaurant to add more variety

Well Known Veg Eatery on Baner Road  Bhairavee Exclusive Residency and Pure Veg. Restaurant  recently received ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation. This accreditation was based on the quality of food, kitchen hygiene, service, and management. Since the past 14 years, Bhairavee Restaurant is renowned for the variety of dishes and their interiors.  The Restaurant serves Indian,…