Popular food service and delivery chain Biryani By Kilo has opened delivery outlets in Pune at Kharadi and Wakad. Biryani By Kilo is the Biryani Chain which make biryani afresh for every order, and deliver it in the same handi in which it is cooked. The fact that they deliver Biryani in the same handi in which it is cooked means there is no reheating and you get the fresh flavorful, authentic , aromatic and a complete meal experience. They make four variants all the time – Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata and Malabar Biryani. Apart from Biryani they do have Kebabs, Korma and Desserts. They have Authentic Galouti Kebabs (Veg & Mutton) which melts in Mouth, Paneer 65, Chicken 65, Chicken Ghee Roast to name few. Their Korma (Mutton & Chicken), Mutton Nihari, Paneer Nawabi are very authentic.

Chicken 65: We tried Chicken 65, the chicken pieces tossed in curry leaves were super tender and the coating outside was also brilliant.

Chicken Korma: The next dish we tried was Chicken Korma which was really good blended in perfect amount of spices with the soft Ulta Tawa ka Paratha.

Seekh Kebabs: Mutton Galouti Kebab and Veg Galouti Kebab were extremely soft and delicious melted with each bite. 

Biryani: From Biryani section we tried Lucknowi biryani, which is meant to be less spicy and here, they served the same authentic taste. The rice was beautifully cooked and the chicken was tender and juicy and perfect amalgamation of spices tasted delicious.

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani: Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani which is known to be the staple food of the Nizam of Hyderabad had the right flavors and the taste, served along with a Salan on the side.

Veg Hyderabadi Biryani: We also tried their Veg Hyderabadi Biryani which had all the flavours of spices.


Matka Phirni: Coming to the dessert section we had the Matka Phirni which was full of nice Elaichi and Saffron flavor.

Double ka Meetha: This dessert was similar to the Shahi Tukda. There were 4 pieces of it. Each of them was very filling and they also had a huge Rabri Malai and caramel on the top, was loved by everyone.

Beverages: We tasted Imli Adrak Lemonade, Kacha Aam and Masala Shikanji. Each beverage had different sweet sour taste which went very well with the food.   

Raita: The Curry leaf Raita we had was really tasty with perfect blend of curd and curry leaves, Biryani Masala Curry was yummy as well, Burani Raita was burnt garlic raita and and I loved it the most. Salan was also quite good in taste.This chain serves hot and really amazing food and just in case if gets cold they give a small chulha type with candles inside to warm it again.

This chain serves hot and really amazing food and just in case if gets cold they give a small chulha type with candles inside to warm it again.

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This Christmas, Starbucks introduces limited edition holiday beverages and food to rekindle the magic of the festive season.

Limited offerings: Indulge in the seasons favorite “Holiday French Vanilla Latte” – a rich creamy

textured latte, elevated with a twist of vanilla flavor. And the “Wishing Star Dark Mocha”- lavish dark choco topped with whipped cream and crunchy colorful star cereal. Enjoy these beverages as hot, iced or blend it with ice for a cool or cozy treat.

So, light up the festive season with these flavorful beverages “Vietnamese Cold Brew”- a slow steeped cold brew shaken with a fun mix of white chocolate mocha and caramel. “Velvet Vanilla Latte”- rich, smooth, creamy perfectly describes this vanilla and milky half and half indulgence! Enjoy either hot or cold.

Satiate your sweet cravings with the indulgent Christmas special food offerings like the “Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese”- filled with raisins and almonds finished with vanilla sauce and the “Almond & Ragi Pancakes”- a naturally gluten free treat lightly toasted and warmed with butter, served with maple syrup and oats crumble. Also available with apple and apricot filling. Top it up with whipped cream for a more flavorful taste.

To take home the spirit of Christmas, Starbucks has also launched the Christmas Blend VIA®– which is a ready to drink beverage. Distinctive cedary, spicy layers balanced by a sweet, rich smoothness. Rare Sumatran beans, aged 3 – 5 years, blended with coffee beans from Latin America and Indonesia.

*Available across all stores in India from 12th November’19 through 7th January’20.

Hot: INR 300 onwards, Frappuccino®: INR 350 onwards, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese: INR 250 onwards, Almond & Ragi Pancakes: Classic INR 250 onwards, Apple and apricot filling INR 330 onwards

Nine Square is a paradise for the vegetarians located in Creaticity, Yerawada. On the recent visit to this place we found why our friends use to ask us to try food here.

We went here for the food tasting and have to say they didn’t disappoint. So starting with Mocktail we had Orange KaffirLime – Perfect sweet and sour blend of mix fresh orange juice, kaffir lime and mint flavour together, presentation was too good and we loved it.

The second drink we tried was Kokum Martini which was blend of Kokum syrup, soda and lime, it was very refreshing in taste. Then we went forward with soup. Delicious Thyme Scented Mushroom Soup served with confit garlic had perfect spicy notes and strong aromas of spices with the mushroom served on side on the crostini.

Then we had Salad in which we tried The Detox bowl which is for health conscious people. The best combo of sprouts with Kale, Green apple, Pomegranate, Walnut, Mesclun, honey lemon wrapped in a sour, sweet and tangy flavored dressing was really yummy.

Coming to the appetizers section we had Chaat Cornetto, A crispy cone shaped taco shells filled with lots of tomato,fried potato and onions chaat mixture topped with a spoonful of sour cream and dressed with shredded beetroot and carrot.   Pudhina Pani Poori, it was a unique pani poori and the presentation was fabulous as well, Dabeli Corquettes, it’s like a Gujju-Spanish love affair served with Dabeli butter,Dilli wali Aloo Tikki, true purani dilli style aloo patties, chole, tamarind chutney, peanut and many more tasted luscious.

For the mains we had Chur ChurNaan with Dal Makhani, Tandoor ka Bhuna Kadhai Paneer paired with a butter chilli roti, Butter garlic fried rice, Hot and spicy Noodles, Grilled vegetable, Macand Mozza Gratini. If you’re a person who loves Indian food the most, then go for the Tandoor ka Bhuna Kadhai Paneer and the Makhani Daal for sure. To the point taste and chur chur naan was one of the best we have had.

Purani Dilli Kulfi Falooda, served in a very royal way with rabri, Sabja (Chia seed) and lots of dry fruits, saffron was amazing, the next was Rabri Malpua tower which had fresh apple bites in between and it was really delicious, Belgium chocolate pastry and chocolate cupcake was next on table and even this was loved by everyone. Nine Square have different ranges of coffee which you will get only at this place. The service here is outstanding and the ambience is great too.

Koregoan Park has always been one of my favorite destinations to eat out right from college days. With Pune radius swelling in all directions , the city is getting new restaurants almost every other day. But there are few who have always been favorites for various reasons and Murphies in Lane no. 6 is one of them. I remember I had visited this casual dining place during the world cup when they had amazing offers on food and drinks . It was hard to resist. But now with their revamped interiors and menu , it is even more harder to resist going to this place . Recently I had been to this place to try out some tempting and interesting combinations.

Chargrilled Kasundi Brocolli

We started off with Chargrilled Kasundi Brocolli was one of the most amazing starters I had in recent times. Chargrilled Brocolli with Kasundi which is an Asian variety of Mustard Sauce. The dish was particularly amazing because the mustard was enough to stimulate the taste buds but did not overpower the entire dish. This is a must try whether you like mustard or not !

Chemoula barbeque Mushrooms

Although there are different versions of this dish , the one here was interesting with cheese stuffing , grilled to perfection . A perfect appetizer light on the stomach .

Watermelon feta Salad

Fresh Watermelon with feta cheese , drizzled with honey mustard , balsamic glaze and house salad dressing was refreshing . Hats off to the Chefs of today’s generation as they pour in extra efforts to make salads more interesting than ever before. No wonder Salads are becoming the new mains for the health conscious generation.

Fiery Chicken

Perfectly barbequed boneless chicken with fiery and spicy marinade.

Bacon wrapped Prawns

This is one of the most delicious non vegetarian appetizers ,  and by adding not many ingredients the Chef  has made sure that  the already delicious flavor remains intact .

The mains were equally intriguing

Cottage Cheese Steaks

Cottage Cheese Steaks served with rice and creamy sauce  seemed to have been made of scrumptious recipe with cottage cheese slabs grilled slightly till light brown . A good one for vegeterians .  

Gnocci Quattro formaggi of course means four cheese, and traditionally those four cheeses include mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, with Gnocci which are in the form of ball of flour , sometimes potato or dumplings.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast stuffed with beetroot and served with herbed rice and sauted vegetables is rich in taste


Pumpkin Pie

There was many interesting desserts at Murphies , this one although has a good taste , the crust could be more crisp . It also depends on what one has for appetizers and mains. The fact that I had a lot of spicy dishes , I should have gone for a brownie with ice cream. If one has something light than a pie or cake could generate more interest at the end .

This place is definitely not only about baked jacked potatoes , but there are numerous bestsellers which could become your favourite too ! You need to just try different dishes every time. This place being in the quiet bylanes of Koregaon Park has a good feeling about it. The music adds to the overall experience.

Tata Starbucks and Penguin Random House India collaborate to launch a unique coffee themed novel

In a one of a kind partnership to launch bestselling author Harish Bhat’s new book `An Extreme Love of Coffee`, Penguin Random House India collaborates with Tata Starbucks.Celebrating the beautiful beverage that excites and sustains millions of Indians, young and old, for the first time ever in India, several outlets of TATA Starbucks across the country will be retailing this unique novel entirely inspired by the romance of Indian coffee.

The book takes readers on an exciting journey from the coffee plantations of Coorg to graveyards in Japan, in a search for treasure, which is at the heart of this fast-paced adventure story.  Interestingly, the story unfolds at a Starbucks store, and then moves to many other fascinating locations, as it celebrates true love for coffee.Published by Penguin Random House India, this title is currently available throughout the country.

“An Extreme Love of Coffee” is Harish Bhat’s debut novel. He has earlier authored the bestselling book “Tata Log”. “Anyone who loves coffee will love this unique story, which brings alive magic in your steaming cup of coffee.  Through the pages of this novel, you will enjoy so many interesting and varied flavours of Indian coffee, and I am sure you will be enchanted by all of them.  You will join a young couple, Rahul and Neha, in their search for secret treasure, accompanied by a friendly coffee ghost and pursued by sword-bearingstrangers.  This novel is all about discovery of coffee, adventure, travel and a streak of romance.Everyone will enjoy this coffee-drenched story!”said Harish Bhat, a prolific writer and columnist, who works as a Brand Custodian at Tata Sons while talking about his book.

Customers around the world come to Starbucks for coffee, stay for the inviting warmth and return for the very human connection. With this partnership, book lovers visiting Tata Starbucks stores in India will have the exclusive opportunity to preview a chapter of “An Extreme Love Of Coffee”, while they enjoy Starbucks` unique Third Place Experience. A chapter of the book can be downloaded by logging onto the Wi-Fi at Starbucks stores.  The novel will also shortly be available for sale at select Tata Starbucks stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.  In addition, Penguin and Starbucks will soon be organizing coffee and conversation book readings with Harish Bhat, where the author will visit Starbucks stores to talk about the book, passion for coffee, reading and writing.

Since the opening of our first Starbucks store in India back in 2012, our experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. We are proud of India’s rich coffee heritage and this novel captures that essence  beautifully. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality coffeehouse experience to our customers and believe that every ‘moment’ is a moment of connection and recognition. Through this promotion with Penguin, we want to provide the ideal Third Place experience to our customers; one which goes beyond coffee, food or the service our passionate partners provide, to offer the perfect setting where the iconic combination of coffee and books come to life. We are extremely happy to celebrate the launch of “An Extreme Love of Coffee” across our select stores and are looking forward to its reception by our customers”, said Navin Gurnaney, ceo, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. Milee Aishwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, adds – “At Penguin Random House India, we constantly endeavour to push the boundaries and be creative with our publishing.  So, when Harish Bhat shared with me that he is writing his first book of fiction and a novel based entirely on coffee, I was excited.  And when Starbucks came on board to collaborate with us on the launch of this book, I couldn’t have been happier.  This is a perfect example of synergy between two global brands and one of our bestselling authors to reach out to a wide audience and spread the love of books and coffee.  I am delighted at the opportunity, and would like to thank Starbucks and Harish Bhat for their support.  I am sure that every book lover will enjoy this beautiful novel.”

The Evolving India Palate: ‘Indo-Western Vegetarian’ is the new rage reveals IPSOS Survey

Global market and opinion research specialist, Ipsos, today revealed findings from a new survey to understand western food consumption patterns among urban Indians. Survey titled ‘The Evolving Indian Palate’, which establishes the growing popularity of western foods among Indians was commissioned by Dr. Oetker which houses Fun Foods, a leading brand for Western Sauces and Spreads in India. Survey was conducted with 1000 households across 14 cities that consumed non-home cooked western food in the last 1 month and prepared western food at home, with the help of western sauces or spreads, at least once a month.

Revealing the purpose behind the study, Mr Oliver Mirza, Managing Director & CEO for Dr. Oetker India & SAARC said, “As a leader in Western pleasure food category, Dr. Oetker is architecting the growth for western sauces and spreads in India. It is our endeavour to constantly learn and understand how consumption habits are evolving to further innovate and introduce offerings that appeal to consumers. The Dr. Oetker- Ipsos survey has revealed some interesting insights on the encouraging for us to see that consumers today are more open to experimenting with food in their kitchens with Indo-Western fusion food becoming a rage in particular. Even in our new campaign, we are focusing on this aspect of Indo-Western food.”

“We have been growing at a healthy rate on the back of our product and marketing innovations. While many FMCG companies are reporting slowdown, we have witnessed high double-digit growth in 2019. This strongly establishes that western and Indo-Western food prepared at home and are fast evolving as significant new categories in the Indian homes.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sreyoshi Maitra, Executive Director, Ipsos, said, “India is a country with diverse food preferences with starkly different regional cuisines. Despite the entrenched traditional food habits, urban Indians are increasingly becoming open to Western cuisine with more people taking to Western food as a part of their regular consumption regime. Wide access to information, time-pressed and evolving lifestyles, are the key factors to this change.” The advantage that western food has in terms of ease of preparation makes it a convenient choice, the Dr. Oetker – Ipsos survey has further revealed.

“Interestingly, kitchens in the western food consuming Indian households have on an average three western sauces (apart from Ketchup) of which mayonnaise and pasta pizza sauce top the charts. This has contributed to the affinity towards Indo-Western fusion food in India, with western sauces making its way into the repertoire even when desi food is being prepared.” she added. 

The world’s largest recipe sharing platform is now available in Marathi  for its Indian  users

With over 6.8 million recipes worldwide and around 100 million people using it every month, Japanese online recipe sharing platform Cookpad, which forayed into India in 2016 launched their Marathi platform on website . It is already present in 5 languages in India, namely English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil. Cookpad’s primary motive is to encourage cooking in the confines of your home by providing you with cookable recipes. They have been making cooking fun and  connecting home cooking lovers everywhere since 1997 and are currently available in more than 70 countries including UK, Spain, Indonesia, Lebanon, Brazil, Taiwan, Hungary, Greece and Russia among others.

You can sign up for free on Cookpad with your Facebook or Gmail or any existing email id within seconds. Cookpad regularly hosts weekly recipe contests, events, workshops and helps you interact with likeminded people in cooking community and also learn by connecting you with industry experts and chefs.

The Marathi platform was launched acknowledging the diversity of the country and keeping in mind that Marathi is a widely spoken language across West India. “With over 22 official recognized languages being spoken across cities, India is a culturally diverse market for us.  Our users get an opportunity to share and learn diverse and local cuisines on a single platform. Testament to the fact that we are seeing increasing growth in our other regional language based communities on Cookpad., the option of using the platform in Marathi will further benefit us by catering to more niche audiences and shall definitely help us evolve as a brand.” Said Mr. Shriniwas Mutnure, Head – India Business, Cookpad.

By launching a Marathi version of their platform, Cookpad is encouraging homemakers, budding chefs, culinary students and imminent bloggers to break the language barrier and upload authentic Maharashtrian and other regional recipes of their favorite cuisines online. Cookpad also announced that they will be launching Marathi in their mobile application in the upcoming weeks. Users can easily switch languages as per their choice with a single login/username. Speaking on the occasion of the launch Mr. Tomoya Yasuda, Global Head, Cookpad said “Cookpad started 20 years ago with a mission of making everyday cooking fun. We believe that by making every day cooking less laborious, we are advocating a healthier lifestyle. With the success of other language communities in India, we are thrilled to be launching one more Indian language today and shall constantly strive to localize our patrons’ experiences on our platform.” By the end of 2019, Cookpad intends on being present in 7 major Indian languages in India as they want to enable their users with the comfort of picking a language of their choice to navigate through their website. Cookpad believes that language should never be a  barrier for food.

Cookpad started their India journey in 2016 and penetrated through the Indian market by researching closely on the regular cooking habits of Indians and their keen interest in home cooking. They believe that through the launch of their regional platforms including marathi, they will be bridging the disparity in communication and will provide their users a holistic experience in the language they are familiar with. You can take a look at the available platform in Marathi: https://cookpad.com/in-mr

This new pretty amazing place has recently gained the popularity of youngsters because of cozy ambience. Decent white, pink and golden colors used in the decor looks elegant. They have taken all the care of providing comfort. Besides the ambience what people are totally crazy about this place is their array of desserts! We’re no exception to this flow of attraction towards this café. The café is situated in the Mayur Colony in Kothrud, Pune. The food menu consists of Artisinal Lattes, Cold-Brew based, Hot Coffee, Nitro Coffee made with Nitro gun, Variety of tea, Hi Tea, Milkshakes, Salads, Sandwiches and Wraps, Pastas, Pancake, Waffle, Smoothie bowl, Mini cupcakes, Macaroons, Array of Pastry, Full cakes. Starting with food we had Spicy Bombay Butter Paneer Sandwich, little spicy with perfect scrambled paneer stuffing with butter is a must try. Next we had Penne Chicken Freshly muddled basil pesto, candied walnut and crispy onion nest pasta. It was very yummy. We also had Spicy Bombay Butter chicken sandwich, creamy butter chicken stuff with crunchy wafers along tasted good. I loved their Filter Coffee Hazelnut Mousse, it was quite delicious! Their Blueberry Cheese cake starts with buttery graham cracker crust, a creamy cheese cake center and a tangy blueberry swirl. It was amazing as well. The last thing we tried was their Cappuccino which can be yours all day everyday go to. Lovely place to take your loved ones. If you are a dessert lover then this place is must visit for you.  

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Under the Starbucks X platform, Starbucks India launches the limited edition merchandise collection in collaboration with renowned stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe. The exclusive merchandise collection that is chic and bold is now available in select Starbucks outlets across the country. The collection titled #Live your pattern features Rachel Zoe`s signature palm leaf and leopard prints in bold hues.

Designed by Rachel to be fun, yet bold, the Starbucks X Rachel Zoe collection features a range of Starbucks drinkware and lifestyle accessories such as tumblers, cold cups and luggage tags – bringing together femininity and fashion.
*Available across select stores across India

Oregano Pizza is a fast food cafe dedicated to pizzas. It’s located in Rambaug colony Kothrud, Pune. They have a diverse menu including pizza, pasta and wide range of combos to enjoy with family and friends. The ambience is simple with indoor as well as outdoor seating and silent music. There’s room for improvement regarding the interior though. They believe in providing a healthy eating experience to their customers and hence have introduced whole wheat base pizzas, Bromate free with freshly dough base and homemade sauces and aslo non-frozen veggies on the top. We ordered Farm Fresh Veg pizza, Schezwan Veg Pizza, Garlic Bread, Choco Lava and Blue Lagoon Mocktail. The Farm Fresh Veg Pizza was soft with deep dish crust topped with onion, corn, capsicum, jalapenos with right amount of cheese. Schezwan Veg Pizza was with wheat base with spicy schezwan sauce and loads of veggies. It tasted really yummy. Both the pizza tasted great. The Garlic Bread was oozing with cheese but the flavour of garlic was a bit less. The service was super quick and our piping hot food was served in no time. The Blue Lagoon Mocktail was sweet and hence they had covered the brim of the glass with salt and red chilli powder. It went well with the food. The last thing we had was the sweet delicious Choco Lava dessert, which was alright. Everything they serve is with a pocket friendly prize and worth trying new things. Perfectly balancing the flavor of Pizza and also innovation in base makes them overall a good place to hang out with group of friends. In coming months they are going to add Mexican pizza options which will surely be as good as their other options available.

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