The Man on a Misal (Mission) …

Ambar Karve has been on a Mission to promote Maharashtrian Food including ‘ Misal’ which is his favourite . Fakkad Foods is one more initiative in that direction


In the second part of the sweet celebration during Ganesh Festival, we are here with different types of modaks. 1) Rava modak: Compared to other modaks, Rava Modak is one of the simplest to prepare. This recipe needs fewer ingredients including coconut, jaggery, Rawa (Suji) and ghee. These modaks are filled up with scrumptious mixture…


The auspicious day every Maharashtrian looks forward to is here! Ganeshotsav, one of Maharashtra’s most celebrated festival has now begun. The ten days of joy also involves preparing age old recipe of Modak and offering it to Lord Ganesha as it is supposed to be his favourite food . And of course people eat it too as it is their favourite as well.The soft rounds of joy-filled to the brim with sweet fillings are a much enticing treat for one and all regardless of age. It is said that modak is the favorite sweet of Lord Ganesh, so of course, all of us love it equally.

Celebrating Food with Photography

Photo and food are inseparable friends . For everything else photos may tell a story , but when it comes to food , photos not only tell a story but also tempt us by bringing beautiful visuals , essence and almost a sense of what the taste might be . With smart phone revolution , everybody has become a photographer , so much so that social media has been flooded with beautiful visuals of our favorite food . Punefoodspot celebrates the special bond between photos and food with World Photography Day on 19th August and salutes those who bring us such beautiful visuals , positivity and something to look forward to .

Meet one of the youngest caterers in Pune

Early twenties are when most of the youngsters would still be pursuing their higher education and post graduation. But Pune based Tanvi Nagarkar had some other ideas. At the age 21 which is a huge moment for every youngster, she has turned into one of the youngest catering service entrepreneurs in Pune.

Milind Pande: Educator

I come from a holy town, Shegaon in Buldhana district. Maharashtrian dishes like Pithla (traditional Maharashtrian recipe made with gram flour), Bhaje bhaat, Kadhi (thick gravy based on gram flour) and Kuskara (leftover chapatis which are stir fried) are the ones that I like and are also popular here . People in this region also love spicy food and understand the magic of flavors.

Baked and Edible Rakhis- A new trend!

A few years ago, the trend was for light-up rakhis, musical rakhis, tassels, glitter, and everything else to maximize the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. But now, to take the ‘non-traditional’ rakhi trend a step further, there has been another addition – the edible rakhi. Let us take a look at the sweetest new trend and enjoy the flavors of the festival.

Mahesh Gajendragadkar – Lawyer

Culture deeply influences the foods that we eat. The classic and traditional homemade dishes are the ones I cherish the most.