Chef Amanda Freitag dishes out delectable recipes with pistachios

American Pistachio Growers recently  hosted a virtual Cook-along with celebrated American Chef Amanda Freitag as she prepared delectable dishes using California grown pistachios. She was joined by award winning mixologist and TV personality Charlotte Voisey who stirred up a few original cocktails with a pistachio twist! The event hosted by Hollywood personality Billy Harris .

Celebrated chef and author Amanda Freitag remarked, “I am truly delighted and excited to use California grown pistachios in my recipes as they are tasty, nutritious and crunchy. They enhance the taste, flavor and give me huge opportunity to innovate and decorate the dishes. Today I cooked and demonstrated two unique dishes — Beet Salad Pistachio Vinaigretteand Lamb Meatballs Pistachio Pesto which have come out very flavourful, tasty and are wholesome. Pistachio are a super food and I am all for it for its nutrition and taste.”

Charlotte Voisey whipped up a lovely Raspberry Pistachio Collins drink. This innovative use of California grown pistachios, truly vowed the Indian food enthusiasts who had tuned in.

Ms. Judy Hirigoyen Vice President, Global Marketing of APG said, ” The volume of American pistachio exports to India is growing steadily as more Indian consumers are getting aware of the health benefits of these amazing nuts. American grown pistachios with its nutrient dense properties is a robust nutritional package in itself – a powerhouse of protein, antioxidents, essential amino acids, fiber, vitamin and potassium etc.

The session was also addressed by Mr. Kable Munger, one of the largest growers and processors of pistachios in California. He mentioned that today many people of Indian origin are involved in the growing of pistachios in California and he is happy to see the robust demand for these healthy nuts in the land of his forefathers.

Mr. Sumit Saran, India Representative of American Pistachio Growers said that “Traditionally pistachios in India were used for garnishing but we now see more and more consumers look towards American pistachios as a healthy, anytime guilt free snack.”


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