Starbucks Introduces Oat Milk

Iced Oat Milk Macchiato

Harnessing the plant-based revolution, Starbucks has announced the launch of its new dairy free addition to its menu across outlets in India – Oat Milk. Addition of oats is an extension of the coffee major’s already existing variety of plant-based choices such as almond & soy. Embracing an additional dairy free alternative in the menu highlights a positive shift in consumers demand for healthy alternatives and Starbucks’ unwavering commitment to support India’s plant based movement by offering delicious diet-inclusive choices. This new non-dairy alternative is perfect for plant-based and dairy-conscious consumers.

Coffee aficionados can treat their taste buds as the favorite neighborhood store has also introduced an array of delightful limited-edition oat based beverages such as Oats Cocoa Macchiato, Iced Oats Cocoa Macchiato &Oats Cocoa Frappuccino®. These plant-based offerings pair perfectly with Starbucks handcrafted beverages, providing a wholesome experience to all its fans.

Oatmilk Chocolate Frappuccino
Oats Cocoa Macchiatto

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