Just how much can you eat?

Just how much can you eat? is a normal question that I ask myself when I go for a thali. And when the food is our liking, then this question becomes more pertinent! This is because the people who serve you thali dish out 15-20 odd items in your dish which you absolutely want to relish individually. But here you are getting all in one go. Similar is the case when you come to Chandralok hotel Lonavala. A left turn from S.T stand on the old highway and within hundred meters you are at this place. With descent car parking space, comfortable seating you are in for a good experience.

The thali itself is very interesting with different items on different days. There are couple of snack items like khandwi, dhokla, papad churi, sweet and spicy dal, Kadi, three to four vegetable foogaths along with phulkas, rotlas and dal khicadi and plain rice and couple of desserts like rabadi, gulab jamun etc. One of the things that is common is buttermilk and they keep an entire jug on the table. By the time you finish one round, you are likely to be almost full. So, it is better to go during lunch time. Post lunch you can relax a bit on the sofa in the lobby. Overall, this place is a great experience and worth visiting multiple times with your family. Again, the only question is how much can you eat?  

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