​Pop up for cheese lovers in Pune

Mumbai based ‘The Cheese Collective’, are doing a small pop up in Pune from 14th to 30th September and bringing cheese lovers in Pune the best of Bombay and Indian cheeses and some timeless classics.​​

The Cheese Collective is a  Cheesemaker and Cheesemonger making  fresh spreadable cheeses and curating the rest from cheesemakers across the country. The offerings include  cheese platters and boxes with an assortment of cheeses and condiments. The Cheese Collective also conduct cheese tasting and cheese appreciation workshops, which are currently online.  

Mansi Jasani , founder of The Cheese Collective. Her cheese journey began with an affinage internship at Murray’s Cheese in New York and since then she has been constantly learning about cheese and mongering through her experiences at cheese conferences and festivals in the US, Italy & France. From hosting cheese workshops to a co-authored chapter on India for The Oxford Companion to Cheese, Mansi is all about the cheese and the ideas and items that go with it. What she loves the most is to share the story of cheese and find the next unique pairing. After an internship at Murray’s Cheese in New York and a course at the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheese, she came back to India and started ‘The Cheese Collective’ in 2014. Mansi Jasani, Founder, ‘The Cheese Collective’ says  , “one of the major challenges was making people understand the kind of cheese we were selling. But once people understood it’s natural properties and artisanal side they were curious to know more and try more of this real cheese. Due to the exposure of different cuisines and ingredients (through blogs, instagram, social media) more people are curious to try these cheeses and make  new and innovative recipes. So far the Pune residents have been enthusiastic to try the cheeses and we’ve had repeat  customers too which shows loyalty. Therefore we have organized a small pop to cater to the growing demand in Pune. And we will ​be back soon.”


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