Prashant Pansare, Founder and Global CEO Inteliment Group

Traditional food has a lot of influence of our food habits lifelong and I enjoy all of it especially Maharashtrian Food . But I am a foodie and I like to try out new things.  Being a vegetarian , eggeterian I know my choices are limited but I relish all that is on the table for me .

For breakfast or snacks my favorite would be ‘Pohe’ and ‘Idli’ and I can go on with these endlessly. Bisi Belle Rice is also a preferred choice for me . For evening snacks I would love to binge on spring rolls . I really love everything about rice, favourite being fried rice and curd rice . And I like to sum up my feast with my favourite dessert ‘Caramal Custard’ .

Being a vegetarian and having to travel a lot around the globe for work is sometimes a challenge when it comes to choices of food , but the internet where you get to know all the good things nearby makes your life much easier . Nowadays I like to try out different salads , specially with jalapenos , mayo and different kind of sauces with mix grain bread , something like Subway . My second favorite food outside is Pizza.

My favourite restaurant in Pune has to Hotel Shravan  on FC Road and I have been eating ‘Khichadi Kadi’ here for ages . This is followed by ‘Appe’ with ‘Rassam’ at Wadeshwar and Indrayani Rice at ‘Maharashtra Dhaba’ on old Mumbai –Pune highway. I also enjoy Irani Restaurants since I am an eggeterian .

I rue the fact that some of our favorite restaurants of the 80s and 90s are no more there. I especially remember ‘Big Bite’ on J.M Road . They had a superb vegetable filling in a bread pocket. Little did we know that the same ‘pocket’ style will come into fashion almost after three decades !


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