In the second part of the sweet celebration during Ganesh Festival, we are here with different types of modaks.

1) Rava modak: Compared to other modaks, Rava Modak is one of the simplest to prepare. This recipe needs fewer ingredients including coconut, jaggery, Rawa (Suji) and ghee. These modaks are filled up with scrumptious mixture of desiccated coconut, jaggery and cardamom, dry fruits and poppy seeds. The stuffing can be of different to this astounding rava base shell.

2) Chana dal modak: In various parts of India, these modaks are prepared with chana dal instead of coconut filling. The stuffing has cooked chana dal, cardamom and jaggery mixed in it. The outer layer can be prepared using rice flour, all purpose flour or wheat flour. Chana Daal has numerous health benefits, because it is a good source of protein and fiber. These are definitely counted in the sweets with fitness advantages.

3) Mawa modak: These modak are the tastiest as they are made out of khava/khoya. Currently, dry fruit mawa modak, mawa filling with rice flour covering has gained popularity. These modaks are edible without cooking as they are prepared with the sweetened milk solids. These look rich and delicious and are available in every sweet shop.

4) Kesar Modak Peda: These are attractive little bite-sized amounts of kesar pedha modak that look like the traditional modak. Sometimes they contain dry fruits or khoya mixed with kesar and condensed milk. They are famous and loved as prasad. A variety of these in gift baskets are also sold across stores.

5) Til modak: A delectable mixture of crushed sesame seeds and jaggery is used to stuff inside and to give good outer layer base rice flour, milk powder or wheat flour is used. Everybody has hidden love for these sweet delights which are tasty as well as with various benefits of sesame seeds.

These modaks are anything but tricky to prepare and happen to be utterly delightful.


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