Meet one of the youngest caterers in Pune

Early twenties are when most of the youngsters would still be pursuing their higher education and post graduation. But Pune based Tanvi Nagarkar had some other ideas. At the age 21 which is a huge moment for every youngster, she has turned into one of the youngest catering service entrepreneurs in Pune.

Tanvi’s romance with food began at a young age when she was in 5th grade. She was fascinated by the yummy cup cakes and chocolates in different shapes and sizes that her aunt used to prepare. Assisting her got her a lot of insights and Tanvi began preparing chocolates in Diwali and selling them too. This was like her first tryst with entrepreneurship. Of course her first tryst with entrepreneurship was way back when she was a five year old and went on to sell lemon juice and tang in summer vacation. Every experience only added to her interest in this subject Realizing that she wants to pursue a career in baking she joined a Vocational Course in Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (MSIHMCT). Since then there has been no looking back for this young chef in the city. She then graduated from Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts.

For the last four years, she is also successfully doing her baking business. She is the Chef Patron at Le 21 Pizzeria (Product/Service) and Co-owner and consultant at Le 21 Gourmet (Catering). She’s also a Chef Patron at Le 21 Boulanger & Pâtissier (Cupcake shop).

It is important for any Chef to understand the occasion they are catering to , the people , the culture , their likes and dislikes before curating the menu and may require years of experience. But what youngsters bring to the table is fearless experimentations, aesthetics and innovations. Whether is the food styling , presentation or packing Tanvi is just getting it right. Starting her journey just in the lockdown period was not as easy . She had to immediately adapt to the new reality . Pre-set menu was the order of the day , but where there is taste there will be demand . Her pre-set menu seems to be a big hit and people keep asking her about the new upcoming menus.

The Thai menu, Akhad special menu and the latest pure vegetarian Shravan special containing Phanas Biryani, Veg Galouti Kebab, Paneer Frankie, have hit the nail . She also offers customized cakes, breads, pizza etc.

Fearless Tanvi says she is just waiting for everything to get on track . “I have plans for future. I want to do theme dinners for special events with special menus , crockery , cutlery and tableware” . She says opening a Restaurant is not on cards as yet. But who knows , with her sheer liking for food , zest for entrepreneurship and spirit of innovation , there is no doubt she will make it big !!!


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  1. Reva Gokhale says:

    A very nice start Ms.Tanvi! Best Wishes For Your Dreams. Your story is a nice example for little chefs too..


  2. sandeep joshi says:

    A great start Ms. Tanvi and best wishes for your future.


  3. At such a young age, you have been doing fantastic job. It needs lot of entrepreneur qualities. Courage, innovative mind. Particularly if you are first generation entrepreneur. Nice. All the best.


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