Milind Pande: Educator

I come from a holy town, Shegaon in Buldhana district. Maharashtrian dishes like Pithla (traditional Maharashtrian recipe made with gram flour), Bhaje bhaat, Kadhi (thick gravy based on gram flour) and Kuskara (leftover chapatis which are stir fried) are the ones that I like and are also popular here . People in this region also love spicy food and understand the magic of flavors. 

Now settled in Pune, I like to visit Mathura Hotel on JM Road where I love their spicy thali. I also love food from Gandharva hotel and from recently opened places I like Saffron hotel. I have travelling abroad as a part of my work , but being vegetarian can be challenging sometimes . You need to find out places serving veg food . Normally when abroad I prefer rice.


Manchow Soup: The spicy and hot soup made from mixed vegetables is one of my favorites.


Paneer Malai Kebab: True to its name, these kebabs marinated in a curd mixture with cheesy, creamy texture and mildly spiced delights my taste buds.

Main course:

Missi Roti : The North Indian style roti, perfect mix of essence is my favorite.

Paneer Kadai: Because of the way the spices are cooked into this dish, it has an elegant flavor, which tastes delicious with Missi Roti.

Navratan Korma: This rich dish braised with yogurt, cream and various vegetables, mildly spiced is much loved by me at any restaurant.

Veg Maratha : Mixed vegetable curry with thick and spicy gravy tastes mouth-watering.


Shrikhand: This Indian sweet dish made of strained dahi flavored with saffron, crunch of dry fruits and cardamom has a big place in my heart.

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