Mahesh Gajendragadkar – Lawyer

For me the  Maharashtrian meal plays to almost all the senses, with a variety of colors, flavors and textures. Culture deeply influences the foods that we eat. The classic and traditional homemade dishes are the ones I cherish the most. Born and brought up in Solapur city and having spent some time in Walchandnagar , I love the traditional and staple food from the region- Jowari Bhakari and famous Solapur’s Shengadana Chutney(Groundnut Chutney) with curd . Keliche  shikran ( bananas slices mixed with milk and sugar)   with wheat chapati is another favourite. Having these dishes bring back many wonderful memories from my childhood. 

My favourite Salad:

Koshimbir: While I have many different meals, the one dish that has a constant appearance is Koshimbir. Served chilled with creamy curd mixed with finely chopped onion, tomato, cucumber with tadka of tempered mustard and cumin seeds tastes really good.


If I were to pick one cuisine which tops my list it would be South Indian cuisine in which Idli is my most desired dish.

Main course:

Surmai Fish: Crispy, soft fried Surmai Fish. It is a big hit because the taste is very tempting.  

Kaju Curry Kofta : The delicious koftas served with creamy sweet and mild spicy curry tastes wonderful. I prefer it with Wheat Roti.

Butter Chicken (non -vegetarian): Butter Chicken with perfect balance of flavours has always been my favorite non-vegetarian dish.


Ask about my favourite Indian sweet dessert that will top the list will certainly be the most popular and loved ‘Gulab Jamun’, dipped into sugar syrup and Fruit Custard with Ice cream – All the fruits topped with delicious custard with vanilla Ice cream is simply wow.


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