Dr. Shabnam Asthana – Social Media Influencer and Public Relations Expert

Although I wouldn’t like to bracket myself in the foodie category, I would definitely call myself a connoisseur of good taste. Today’s global village with a wide variety of cuisines and a pot pourri of cultures and traditions has diverse food options on offer.

In my opinion it would be grave injustice to limit yourself to a certain type of cuisine and not tempt your palate with the variety of options available. So, I keep experimenting and my taste keeps changing but there are certain dishes which remain my hot favourites and remain my constant food buddies.

If I were to pick one cuisine which tops my list it would be Mediterranean cuisine.

My favourite soups:

Zucchini Basil Soup with lemon (vegetarian) – (must be served piping hot) and I love the taste of lemon and basil. It is flavoured with herbs and extra virgin oil which makes it healthy and light for the diet conscious.

And when I am in the mood for non -vegetarian I settle for:

Chicken Leek soup with wine (non -vegetarian)

This hot broth is very addictive with its combination of wine, olive oil and leeks. A little extra virgin oil is welcome!

My favourite Salad:

There are two contenders in this category one is:

Mediterranean chickpea and egg salad–This simple salad is very easy on the palate. The hard-boiled eggs blend very easily with the chick peas to give a unique flavour and the cucumbers, green onions, and celery give you the crunchy taste.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette- I find this a whole healthy meal by itself, if it is eaten with Pita bread. Tuna here is not downed in layers of mayo sauce, instead, this recipe has a Dijon dressing and lots of crunchy veggies and herbs. The Mediterranean flavour here is very pronounced and awesome for the taste buds.

My favourite appetiser:

Marinated Shrimp and Olive – The shrimps in this dish are tender and tasty and the olives add colour and flavour. It is a visual delight as well as a palate tickler.

Main Course:

Paella –I love rice so this Spanish rice dish with a choice of non-veg options – chicken, shrimp or lobster is always welcome.

Tuscan chicken and pasta – A simple and tasty dish. You get what you expect.


The rich variety of dry fruits and nuts on offer make a healthy, munchable any time snack.

Hummus with Pita bread – any time and an all-time tasty snack.


My all-time favourite is Baklava – I stumbled upon this many years ago since it looked very similar to an Indian dessert from my part called “Khaja. “The layers are filled with honey and chopped nuts. It is absolutely delicious, sinful indulgence yet a must.

Apart from this, Thai cuisine and Indian cuisine are an integral part of my food journey- tried, tested and very appealing!


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