WGSHA enters Limca Book of Records for its India’s First Living Culinary Arts Museum at WGSHA

The culinary museum in WGSHA has been listed in Limca Book of Records as India’s First Living Culinary Arts Museum. Chef Thirugnanasambantham, Principal of WGSHA, MAHE and ITC Leadership for extending all support towards instituting this museum in Manipal and WGSHA, appreciated and thanked all those who have directly or indirectly helped towards setting up this museum in Manipal. Chef Thiru said ‘the process for WGSHA’s culinary museum to make an entry into the popular Limca Book of Records started almost six months back and after validation by LBR recently, has been listed in the book of records.

On the background of having the museum, Chef Vikas Khanna, the founder and curator of this Museum, donated thousands of kitchen tools and equipment worth millions of dollars to this museum for preserving history of India’s rich tradition of culinary arts and to educate the future generations.

Chef Thiru said, ‘This Museum’,  has placed WGSHA in global culinary map and we are proud to have joined all such efforts to preserve the history of cuisines and cultures across the world. The culinary arts academic block housing the museum was opened in April, 2018, spread approximately over 25,000 sq. ft., and is shaped in the form of a giant pot very similar to the ones found in Harappa. There are historical as well as regular household items such as plates made by the Portuguese in India, a 100-year-old ladle used to dole out food at temples and bowls dating to the Harappan era, an old seed sprinkler, an ancient Kashmiri tea brewer known as ‘samovar’, vessels from the Konkan, Udupi and Chettinad regions, apart from a large collection of rolling pins, utensils of all shapes and sizes, tea strainers of different types etc.


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