Biryani By Kilo comes to Pune

Popular food service and delivery chain Biryani By Kilo has opened delivery outlets in Pune at Kharadi and Wakad. Biryani By Kilo is the Biryani Chain which make biryani afresh for every order, and deliver it in the same handi in which it is cooked. The fact that they deliver Biryani in the same handi in which it is cooked means there is no reheating and you get the fresh flavorful, authentic , aromatic and a complete meal experience. They make four variants all the time – Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata and Malabar Biryani. Apart from Biryani they do have Kebabs, Korma and Desserts. They have Authentic Galouti Kebabs (Veg & Mutton) which melts in Mouth, Paneer 65, Chicken 65, Chicken Ghee Roast to name few. Their Korma (Mutton & Chicken), Mutton Nihari, Paneer Nawabi are very authentic.

Chicken 65: We tried Chicken 65, the chicken pieces tossed in curry leaves were super tender and the coating outside was also brilliant.

Chicken Korma: The next dish we tried was Chicken Korma which was really good blended in perfect amount of spices with the soft Ulta Tawa ka Paratha.

Seekh Kebabs: Mutton Galouti Kebab and Veg Galouti Kebab were extremely soft and delicious melted with each bite. 

Biryani: From Biryani section we tried Lucknowi biryani, which is meant to be less spicy and here, they served the same authentic taste. The rice was beautifully cooked and the chicken was tender and juicy and perfect amalgamation of spices tasted delicious.

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani: Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani which is known to be the staple food of the Nizam of Hyderabad had the right flavors and the taste, served along with a Salan on the side.

Veg Hyderabadi Biryani: We also tried their Veg Hyderabadi Biryani which had all the flavours of spices.


Matka Phirni: Coming to the dessert section we had the Matka Phirni which was full of nice Elaichi and Saffron flavor.

Double ka Meetha: This dessert was similar to the Shahi Tukda. There were 4 pieces of it. Each of them was very filling and they also had a huge Rabri Malai and caramel on the top, was loved by everyone.

Beverages: We tasted Imli Adrak Lemonade, Kacha Aam and Masala Shikanji. Each beverage had different sweet sour taste which went very well with the food.   

Raita: The Curry leaf Raita we had was really tasty with perfect blend of curd and curry leaves, Biryani Masala Curry was yummy as well, Burani Raita was burnt garlic raita and and I loved it the most. Salan was also quite good in taste.This chain serves hot and really amazing food and just in case if gets cold they give a small chulha type with candles inside to warm it again.

This chain serves hot and really amazing food and just in case if gets cold they give a small chulha type with candles inside to warm it again.

Biryani By Kilo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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