What’s your Murph ?

Koregoan Park has always been one of my favorite destinations to eat out right from college days. With Pune radius swelling in all directions , the city is getting new restaurants almost every other day. But there are few who have always been favorites for various reasons and Murphies in Lane no. 6 is one of them. I remember I had visited this casual dining place during the world cup when they had amazing offers on food and drinks . It was hard to resist. But now with their revamped interiors and menu , it is even more harder to resist going to this place . Recently I had been to this place to try out some tempting and interesting combinations.

Chargrilled Kasundi Brocolli

We started off with Chargrilled Kasundi Brocolli was one of the most amazing starters I had in recent times. Chargrilled Brocolli with Kasundi which is an Asian variety of Mustard Sauce. The dish was particularly amazing because the mustard was enough to stimulate the taste buds but did not overpower the entire dish. This is a must try whether you like mustard or not !

Chemoula barbeque Mushrooms

Although there are different versions of this dish , the one here was interesting with cheese stuffing , grilled to perfection . A perfect appetizer light on the stomach .

Watermelon feta Salad

Fresh Watermelon with feta cheese , drizzled with honey mustard , balsamic glaze and house salad dressing was refreshing . Hats off to the Chefs of today’s generation as they pour in extra efforts to make salads more interesting than ever before. No wonder Salads are becoming the new mains for the health conscious generation.

Fiery Chicken

Perfectly barbequed boneless chicken with fiery and spicy marinade.

Bacon wrapped Prawns

This is one of the most delicious non vegetarian appetizers ,  and by adding not many ingredients the Chef  has made sure that  the already delicious flavor remains intact .

The mains were equally intriguing

Cottage Cheese Steaks

Cottage Cheese Steaks served with rice and creamy sauce  seemed to have been made of scrumptious recipe with cottage cheese slabs grilled slightly till light brown . A good one for vegeterians .  

Gnocci Quattro formaggi of course means four cheese, and traditionally those four cheeses include mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, with Gnocci which are in the form of ball of flour , sometimes potato or dumplings.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast stuffed with beetroot and served with herbed rice and sauted vegetables is rich in taste


Pumpkin Pie

There was many interesting desserts at Murphies , this one although has a good taste , the crust could be more crisp . It also depends on what one has for appetizers and mains. The fact that I had a lot of spicy dishes , I should have gone for a brownie with ice cream. If one has something light than a pie or cake could generate more interest at the end .

This place is definitely not only about baked jacked potatoes , but there are numerous bestsellers which could become your favourite too ! You need to just try different dishes every time. This place being in the quiet bylanes of Koregaon Park has a good feeling about it. The music adds to the overall experience.


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