Nine Square: The Restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian food

Nine Square is a paradise for the vegetarians located in Creaticity, Yerawada. On the recent visit to this place we found why our friends use to ask us to try food here.

We went here for the food tasting and have to say they didn’t disappoint. So starting with Mocktail we had Orange KaffirLime – Perfect sweet and sour blend of mix fresh orange juice, kaffir lime and mint flavour together, presentation was too good and we loved it.

The second drink we tried was Kokum Martini which was blend of Kokum syrup, soda and lime, it was very refreshing in taste. Then we went forward with soup. Delicious Thyme Scented Mushroom Soup served with confit garlic had perfect spicy notes and strong aromas of spices with the mushroom served on side on the crostini.

Then we had Salad in which we tried The Detox bowl which is for health conscious people. The best combo of sprouts with Kale, Green apple, Pomegranate, Walnut, Mesclun, honey lemon wrapped in a sour, sweet and tangy flavored dressing was really yummy.

Coming to the appetizers section we had Chaat Cornetto, A crispy cone shaped taco shells filled with lots of tomato,fried potato and onions chaat mixture topped with a spoonful of sour cream and dressed with shredded beetroot and carrot.   Pudhina Pani Poori, it was a unique pani poori and the presentation was fabulous as well, Dabeli Corquettes, it’s like a Gujju-Spanish love affair served with Dabeli butter,Dilli wali Aloo Tikki, true purani dilli style aloo patties, chole, tamarind chutney, peanut and many more tasted luscious.

For the mains we had Chur ChurNaan with Dal Makhani, Tandoor ka Bhuna Kadhai Paneer paired with a butter chilli roti, Butter garlic fried rice, Hot and spicy Noodles, Grilled vegetable, Macand Mozza Gratini. If you’re a person who loves Indian food the most, then go for the Tandoor ka Bhuna Kadhai Paneer and the Makhani Daal for sure. To the point taste and chur chur naan was one of the best we have had.

Purani Dilli Kulfi Falooda, served in a very royal way with rabri, Sabja (Chia seed) and lots of dry fruits, saffron was amazing, the next was Rabri Malpua tower which had fresh apple bites in between and it was really delicious, Belgium chocolate pastry and chocolate cupcake was next on table and even this was loved by everyone. Nine Square have different ranges of coffee which you will get only at this place. The service here is outstanding and the ambience is great too.


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