SP’s Biryani completes 25 glorious years 

Marches ahead into the next phase with new signature dishes

SP’s Biryani House, Pune’s favourite biryani place  has completed 25 glorious years. Delicious food, good service, comfort and spacious atmosphere have been a hallmark of SP’s Biryani for many years. Jawahar Chorge started this journey in 1994 with hard work, perseverance, honesty and quality of work. With a legacy of 25 glorious years , SPs Biryani is ready to step into the new phase with signature dishes . Foodies will be able to enjoy unique Aamir Khan Mutton Dum Biryani which was introduced recently in presence of the superstar himself along with wellknown music director duo Ajay and Atul, Deputy Income Tax Commissioner Sandeep Sathe , Appa Renuse , Datta Dhankawade- former Mayor and Jawahar Chorge

On the occasion of completing 25 years, Jawahar Chorge, Director of SP’s Biriyani House, said that the we setup SP’s Biryani house  in 1994 in a small space. The idea was to have a spacious place where families can come and enjoy our food at affordable costs. This idea came into reality few years back with a multi-storey Biriyani house. The restaurant now has a capacity of  250 customers one time. A safe environment for the family, fully air-conditioned and two-wheeler parking facilities and  facility for parcel service has garnered tremendous response.

Chorge further said that both non-vegetarian and vegetarian biryanis are available here. Every year we organise SP’s Biryani Food Festival which has become a landmark food festival for biryani lovers both veg and non veg .


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