Delhi Zaika Festival at Puran Da Dhaba,The Pride Hotel

The Pride Hotel Shivajinagar, Pune has organised ‘Delhi Zaika’ a food festival for the lovers of the Delhi’s famous street food and royal recipes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian between 1st to 10th July 2019 from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm. at Puran Da Dhaba.

As a part of festival, the restaurant is offering a magnificent range of delicacies in the form of buffet  which includes Chef curated elaborate spreads such as lip smacking Kebabs, mouth watering Chat counter, Parathas, Nihari, Taar korma, Biryani followed by Jalebi to indulge in  a sweet and memorable dining experience.

The festival is the best way to explore the culinary heritage of Old Delhi with delicacies prepared using authentic spices and tender meats with traditional recipes

The buffet dinner for per adult is Rs. 999/- and per child is Rs. 649/- excluding taxes.

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