FoodyBuddy Forays into Pune

FoodyBuddy, a neighborhood food network that enables consumers to buy and sell home-cooked food, is now available in Pune. FoodyBuddy has already sold more than 5,500 meals in the cityThe startup brings together passionate home chefs and foodies who live in the same neighborhood. People are able to discover and consume fresh, comforting, authentic home-cooked meals from trusted sellers in their apartment community.FoodyBuddy is already active in communities such as Amanora, Blue Ridge – Paranjpe Schemes, Beverly Hills Society and Yashwin Society where the residents are buying and sellinghome-cooked food through the app.

Residents of an apartment society or a locality get connected via FoodyBuddy to buy and sell food including snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the buyers, it’s a chance to eat home-cooked food at nominal prices while also satisfying their palate with simple and comforting food. For the sellers, it’s an opportunity to earn a decent amount of money and also show off their culinary skills, especially of the regional specialties that cannot be found outside of homes. One of the biggest trends in the food industry this year has been the silent rise of Home-Cooked meals in India and Pune is not far behind. However, due to paucity of time, access to home-cooked food is always an issue especially for the working population in the city. People also are looking for a change of scene and prefer home-cooked meals over restaurant food. Foodybuddy aims to solve this by bringing authentic home-cooked food from one’s own neighbours, at your doorstep. The platform lets users connect with neighbours who cook and sell simple, comforting, home-cooked food everyday. Anyone with a passion for cooking – from professionals, homemakers, doctors to grandparents can join FoodyBuddy’s network of Home Chefs. Since the food on FoodyBuddy is being bought and sold between neighbours, there is a high degree of trust in the platform that the buyers are getting reliable and high-quality food.

FoodyBuddy is helping preserve age-old, traditional, family recipes from all around India and introducing them to wider audiences. Long-lost recipes, which are disappearing from households due to lack of time or skill, are given new life by FoodyBuddy Home Chefs. One can find various home cooked regional specialties such as Gujarati Dal Dhokli, Rajasthani Daal Baati, Andhra Guttu Vankaya, Tikki Chaat, Dal Dhokli, Makki di Roti, Gujrati Handvo, Poha, Sabudana Khichdi, Puran Poli, Dabeli and lots more.

Millions of Home Chefs and households in India could benefit from a platform like FoodyBuddy. The app serves as a platform for promoting home chefs and transforming them into food influencers within their communities. The Home Chef category is growing by leaps and bounds owing to the steep rise in consumer demand for fresh, traditional, comforting home-cooked meals.

Founded by Akil SethuramanRachna Rao and Anup Gopinath in June 2015, FoodyBuddy has been piloting the service since early 2017. While the focus until now has been gated communities, FoodyBuddy has launched a new offering for Home Chefs who live in independent residences and sell food on the platform. The company raised INR 6 crore in pre-Series A Funding from Prime Venture Partners with plans to expand to 5 other cities in the next 12 months. FoodyBuddy is available for download on both Android and iOS.


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    Hello if I sell one dish at home so our delivery boy available for delivery


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