Royal Indian Lunch at Shakahari , JW Marriot

Shakahari- JW Marriott Hotel Pune Shakahari at the JW Marriott Hotel Pune has introduced a new concept as it now opens for lunch featuring a sumptuous Royal Indian Thali. Serving a fusion of the ‘Flavours of India’ on a traditional Silver Thali, Shakahari offers lip-smacking, authentic vegetarian specials from the various princely provinces.  Available during lunch time  the thali presents three assortments of appetizers such as Shakarkand Khajurki Tikki, Bhatti ka Paneer, Yam Magaz Ki Tikki, Chukundar Chilguza, the signature Dal Batti Churmaalong with a variety of regional vegetables like Subz Handi Lazeez, Kaju Matter Makhana, Lau Posto, Laal Maat Mulyachi Bhaji and a selection of Indian breads like Roti, Naan and Chapati seamlessly combines with your favorite Indian dishes. Mouth-watering Kadhi, flavorful and aromatic Dal and Rice, and Khichdi are sure to leave you wanting more.  All regional favorites find their place on the ever-changing menu, so be prepared for delightful surprises!

Keeping in mind that no Royal Indian meal is complete without dessert, guests can enjoy an array of scrumptious, crafted mithai from the pre-plated dessert platter for weekday lunches and enjoy fresh cut fruits and sugar free desserts in the ‘MisthanBhandar’ over the weekend.

The menu at Shakahari created by Maharaj Jai Kishen, offers distinctive multi – cultural flavors from an “open kitchen” ambience. Maharaj Jai Kishen carries with him a wealth of traditional culinary secrets, which he imbues into his cooking. India, a melting pot of cultures, brimming with diverse culinary treasures, is a true inspiration for Shakahari as itcurates the most extravagant thali amalgamating a medley of flavors from different states.



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