Samvad Social Technologies launches version 2.0 of Food Dosti app in Pune

After successfully completing one year in Pune, Samvad Social Technologies have launched Food Dosti app version 2.0 at an event held at the Deccan Royale hotel. Recognized as India’s first zero food wastage platform, the application encourages patrons to opt for a cleaner plate after every meal, and also makes sure the surplus food put to good use — by sharing them with the needy. The event held on 21st November 2017 witnessed the launch of a second version of the app, which focuses on the release of NGO connect.

On this occasion, Mr. Sanjeev Neve, Founder & Executive Director, Samvad Social Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Said, “Samvad Social Technologies is committed to build SUSA (socially useful social applications. Food Dosti is first of them however, we have a vision to build many more such platforms in near future. Food dosti connects a restaurant to its customers and on the other hand to non-profits to minimize food wastage which proves to be beneficial to all the parties involved in the application. The ultimate goal of Food Dosti is that the restaurants shouldn’t be left with any food to up cycle and should have optimum production wit

hout any wastage”.

The 150 restaurants that have joined hands with Food Dosti, claim that associating with the smart phone application has benefitted them, not only in terms of sales, but also in ways of contributing to the society. Apart from this, the future amendments by the government are also expected to benefit the partnered restaurants respectively. Along with the restaurants, Food Dosti application has also proven to be a boon for the associated NGOs who have constantly been providing well cooked meals to the less fortunate, thereby contributing to their wellbeing.Out of the partnered restaurants and NGOs, some of the restaurants like Café Sarca, Villa Casa, Sante Spa, Salt water, Tea Trails, etc. and NGOs like Janhvi Foundation, International  Leprosy Union, Vasantrao Jadhav Welfare Foundation,  Maharshee Parashar Sevabhavi Sanstha, Sparsh Balgram.

One can visit their website to get an experience of the application.


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