The Westin Pune Koregaon Park To Present Malaysian Food Festival


The Westin Pune Koregaon Park is all set to host a Malaysian food festival at its Seasonal Tastes restaurant between 18th – 31st August, 2017. Expat Chef Budiman from Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur will be present to prepare authentic Malaysian cuisine. The must try dishes include “finger licking good” Prawn fritter with peanut sauce, Fish fillet with coconut cream chili gravy with carambola, and Egg drop noodles with boiled egg, green chili and mustard. To end on a sweet note, colourful and creative desserts include Sago and mango with coconut cream, and Milky flour pudding with palm sugar.

 Malay cuisine is a delicious melting pot of cultures spanning Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian flavours and is as varied as the national population. The rich and spicy influences extend from wok-fried noodles, steaming bowls of fluffy rice and delicate, savoury-yet-sweet Malaysian delicacies to age-old culinary gems and spices.

 This exquisite food festival will transport people to the land of dragons through its intrigued authentic Malaysian decoration and restaurant personnel that will impart the feeling of having the authentic platter at the streets of Pedang.

 Guests will relish aromatic dishes ranging from Rendang Daging and Curry Laksa to Sayur Munir Goreng and Nasi Minyak. Colourful and creative desserts include Sweet Tapioca Cake, Sweet Egg Cake and Sweet Green Bean Stew in Coconut Sauce.

For reservations, please call 1800 2582 555 (Toll Free)



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