The Point of Interest for your Monsoon Cravings

A Cup of Tea and Kanda Bhaji ( Onion Pakoda ) is the best way to welcome the wet weather . With the onset of monsoon,there is a definite craving for this unbeatable combination . But while Kanda Bhaji has been a favourite amongst us for a while , it is time to explore some more variants of the so called Indian Vegetable Fritters.

The recently opened Bhaji Point at Narayan Peth near Modi Ganpati Chowk grabs attention of every passerby owing to its unique name and the food served there. While several places around Pune offer different types of snacks, ‘Bhaji Point’ focuses solely on bhaji.

Vyankatesh Kulkarni, owner of the store, started the outlet with an aim to offer Punekars with different types of bhajis other than the traditional Kanda bhaji and Batata bhaji. Going a step beyond , bhaji point currently  offers 19 variants  and would expand  to a whooping 40 in near future ! The menu includes unusual items like Bhendi bhaji, Cauliflower bhaji, Kothimbir bhaji, Manchurian bhaji, Mushroom bhaji, Baby Corn bhaji, Kelyachi bhaji ,Kaju bhaji,Cheese bhaji,Paneer bhaji etc.

The bhaji is made from a homemade batter. Not only are the bhaji good to taste, but are also presented aesthetically with sides such as tomato ketchup, fried green chillies and coconut chutney. The batter coating is exceptionally thin and mixed with chilli powder and spices in a proper proportion. The Manchurian bhaji is interesting and includes carrots, capsicum, cabbage and slight hint of Chinese sauce.

Other than bhaji, the place offers vada pav, puffs, tea and coffee. Bhaji Point has made a successful effort to give people something different. In the coming monsoon season, Bhaji Point will satisfy your craving for a tasty treat of fresh and hot bhaji and a steaming cup of tea.!!!​



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