Spicy Bread Crumbs: A tasty treat for foodies.

The small eatouts near Symbiosis College Deep Bungalow Chowk offer some filling and tasty snack dishes . The place is never deserted and is always packed with college goers and food enthusiasts as they get pocket friendly dishes here. Apart from tawa pulao , pav bhaji and Maggi (noodles) , one of the most interesting dishes here is bread crumbs with cheese. The dish is wholesome , the bread crumbs are sauted with butter , onions , tomatoes , masala and topped up with cheese . This dish is often prepared at home and called by various names in local language including ‘Bread cha Shira’, Bread cha Upma’, Bread chi Usal’ etc. But whatever you want to call it , the taste is unique and becomes even more interesting when Pav Bhaji bread is used . The cost is in the range of Rs 50 and the quantity allows you to even share it with your friend .Due to its tangy, sweet and spicy flavor filling your mouth with every bite, the dish is a must try for every food lover.

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