A celebration of authentic Indian food at home

Hauskhaas adds to the festivities with first online Indian Regional Thali Festival 


Online food aggregator Hauskhaas (www.hauskhaas.com)has brought the  first online ‘Indian Regional Thali festival’.  The festival consists of  curated thalis from Kashmir in the North (with dishes like Chaman Kaliya and Kashmiri Dum Aloo eaten with walnut chutney) to Kerala in the South (coconut based stews, Iddiappams and Egg roast), from Gujarat in the West (with dishes like Theplas and Kadhi and Dal Dhokri) to Bengal in the East (here you get to taste the heavily mustard oil flavoured dishes like Dohi macch and Aloo Poshta). In addition homechefs from Sindh and Maharashtra and the Malvan region are ready to serve you with local delicacies . The festival will be on till 4 December 2016


Sharmila Bhide, founder of HausKhaas says: “hauskhaas.com  is an online portal that brings exotic and homemade food to people at their doorsteps. Our key USP is that we curate dishes and menus that are one-of-a-kind. Ones that will rarely find their way to restaurant menus. They will always be made fresh and only after you place an order. This guarantees you fresh, homemade and different food every time. Since January of this year, we have been working with genuine, hand-picked homechefs, who specialize in the cuisines they grew up with. The diversity of the cuisines of India is amazing and we thought of curating a “thali” that will give Pune foodies a peep into how each of these regional cuisines are played out at a typical dinner table”.


For  more details call us on +91-9168625782 or email us at reachus@hauskhaas.com.

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