“Cooking is the best form of art”: Chef Vishnu Manohar 



Culinary skills not only makes a person a great cook, but also transforms the person into a organizer, innovator, and artist because cooking  is the best form of the art, opined Masterchef  Vishnu Manohar. He was speaking at a of ‘Yashasvi sansarasathi gruh kaushalya’ book release function held in Pune recently. The book has been written by Shubhangi Potnis.


Masterchef Vishnu Manohar  said, “An organizer is developed when one masters culinary skills as it paves way to manage the whole kitchen systematically. By experimenting on food, one also becomes an innovator and while decorating the food, they develop themselves as artists. Thus, according to me, culinary skills are the best amongst all forms of arts.” This book is different from any other recipe book as the importance of food is explained through the perspective of Ayurveda.

Subhangi Potnis explained the theme of the book by saying, “Culinary art has taken a back seat in today’s hectic lives. This book provides guidance regarding easy methods for cooking, home management and health which is especially useful for the couples working in the IT Sector. This book is not only useful for females but also for the men.”



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