A Pot Full of Aroma and Taste

Iconic SP’s Biryani House is always featured among the top Biryani eateries in Pune. Ask any Punekar where to get the best Biryani in town and SP’s will amongst one of the topmost . SP is flooded more than usual during this period every year; the reason- The Biryani Festival. This year the International Biryani Festival has a specially curated menu which features flavours of Middle and Central Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, and more. The festival which will be open till 29 October is featuring some mouth-watering Biryanis including Baluchi, Afghani, Irani, Hyderabadi and much more.


One has to be on time as this place is always crowded .The special menu of the Festival included an array of Biryanis including Kashmiri, Afghani, Baluchi, Irani, and some served with the Dum Biryani option. The starters included Chicken Masala, Chicken Fry, Fish Fry, Lamb, Aloo Tikki and more. One of the highlights we thought was Kashmiri Chicken Masala which was stir-fried chicken in thick, red masala. It was delectable and the serving size was generous with 6 pieces of chicken. It had a nice balance of spicy and tangy flavours.


For Biryani there are many options this year including Balochi , Irani, Afghani etc . Owner Jawahar Chorge says that the reason behind International Biryani Festival is to give something new to food lovers . But as every year he strongly insists  Chicken and Mutton Dum Biryanis cant be missed.


For those opting for vegetarian food Aloo Tikki from the starters and Shahi Veg Dum Biryani are good options . The Shahi Dum Veg Biryani stood up to its name and the mix of vegetable was spiced beautifully with the right ratio of vegetable to rice. Solkadhi is also worth trying. The Solkadhi here isn’t overpowered by ginger and is a refreshing accompaniment for the whole meal. Overall, the service is good inspite of being crowded and the food is delicious. So if you are worried about waiting in the queue for long, remember that the wait and the price are worth the experience.


kashmiri-chicken-masala shahi-veg-dum-biryani solkadhi aloo-tikki


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  1. Missing this fest by a whisker. Will be back in Pune only on 30 October. Wish Jawahar extended it by a day!


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