Flavours from Sweden enter Pune

The Consulate General of Sweden hosted an exclusive buffet dinner with renowned Swedish Nobel Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell to celebrate the upcoming Nobel Prize announcements in Stockholm, Sweden and also create awareness about the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the country.

Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell are renowned experts who have been in charge for the preparation of  the prestigious Nobel Dinner Banquet – the culinary showcase after the esteemed Nobel Prize ceremony. The Nobel Dinner, which is an annual banquet that is held inside the Stockholm City Hall, is a very eminent affair that receives widespread recognition and also explores the very depths of traditional Swedish dishes, some of which are many hundreds of years old.

Held at a luxury hotel in Pune, the Chefs prepared a Swedish feast for over 120 high level personnel from the Swedish and Indian corporate sector. Guests got a taste of Sweden with an authentic Swedish smörgåsbord (this consists of both hot and cold dishes. The cold dishes are generally various forms of herring, salmon, and eel) lammbullar (lamb meatballs) and janssons frestelse (Swedishcasserole). For dessert kladdkaka (Swedish chocolate cake) and chokladbollar (chocolate balls) were served.


Commenting on the diverse range of Swedish culinary offerings, Consul Mr. Nils Eliasson said “I am pleased to have Swedish Nobel Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell in Pune today. In Sweden we love food, fun and festivities. Just like India, every big occasion is always celebrated with scrumptious food. Today we are celebrating the upcoming Nobel Prize announcements and with the increasing popularity of Swedish cuisine in India, it is only fitting for us to bring a bit of Sweden to India through our cuisine and inspire people to appreciate the Swedish culinary diversity”


Talking about Swedish food trends and cuisine Nobel Chef Mark Phoenix said “It is great to be visiting the  beautiful city ofPune again, and look forward to cooking for Pune-ites. The dishes we have prepared are very trendy but also retro. The best part ofthese dishes are that it can be served as both a starter, or main course.


Nobel Chef Fredrik Forsell further added “As the Swedish food scene grows, a new style of cooking is developing. Swedish chefs are returning to their culinary roots, rediscovering classic Swedish dishes with fantastic local seasonal ingredients and giving them a modern twist. All our dishes today truly capture the Swedish spirit and we hope to share some of that with you”

Overview of Swedish cuisine:

Swedish chefs are returning to their culinary roots, rediscovering classic Swedish dishes and fantastic local seasonal ingredients, and giving them a modern twist. Through top-class cooking and innovative use of raw

materials, Swedish chefs have won the world’s recognition, taking home gold medals at the culinary Olympic Games, as well as several medals at the unofficial world championship called Bocuse d’Or. And with gourmet restaurants opening their doors all over the country,Sweden has turned into one of the haute-cuisine hot spots in Europe. In recent years there has been a boom in top-class restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but also in smaller towns and the countryside. In Sweden, attention is always paid to animal health and welfare, far beyond European standards. The country is proficient in organic cultivation, and environmental thinking covers food production in cultivated and wild areas as well as the ocean.

chef-mark-pheonix-and-fredrik-forsell-at-the-nobel-memorial-dinner-buffet-in-pune chef-mark-pheonix-and-fredrik-forsell-being-interviewed-by-consul-jan-campbell-westlind l-to-r_swedish-consul-general-nils-eliasson_norwegian-cg-torbjorn-holthe_-scci-vice-chair-parag-satpute-_norwegian-sea-food-consul-india


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