Moroccan Experience at Le Meridien

The Moroccan food festival  experience at Le Meridien starts from the moment a person walks into Feast, Le Meridien. The quaint restaurant is decorated with Moroccan lamps and the staff is dressed with the traditional Moroccan attire. An array of Moroccan spread was laid out in traditional tajine pots.

Chef Youssef Mabchour has curated some typical Moroccan delicacies for the foodies in Pune. The dishes according to him are mostly dishes one prepares for feasts for guests in Morocco. Some of these dishes include fish, which is a favourite among in the area. Fish is a common commodity in Morocco and the roast fish served in the food festival recreates the authentic Moroccan flavours. As explained by the Master Chef, most of these dishes are enjoyed by the family together and thus the red snapper and the chicken were served as whole. Moving on to spices of Morocco, the Chef most ardently explained how important the role spices play in a dish. He understood the fact that most Indians are used to spicy, tangy flavours but the spices of Morocco are meant to be a bit more subtle and elevate the produce.

The spread recreates the authentic flavours and the starters include sliced fish in xo chilly sauce,   pistachio gallete, a range of fresh salads, and more. The main course includes Kofta Tagine with Egg, Vegetable Couscous, Seafoos Atlas Tagine, Moroccan Roast fish, Tagine-Bel- Barkouk among others. The desserts too include a wide range of traditional Moroccan desserts like the Semolina cake, M Hanncha (Sanke cake), Pears in Red Wine, Moroccan Rice Pudding, Moroccan Almond Yoghurt Cake, Moroccan Date Crumbling and more. The ambience and the food are sure to teleport you to Morocco.

Feast - Le Meridien Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Feast - Le Meridien Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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