TLC, India’s favorite lifestyle destination brings to you thecelebrated South African cook, author and food writer‘Sarah Graham’ in anall new series SARAH GRAHAM’S FOOD SAFARI that captures the culinary magic on the go and features delicious findson the exotic locations of South Africa. SARAH GRAHAM’S FOOD SAFARI will air Monday- Thursday at 8:30PM on TLC.The series takes its viewers on an epic gourmet journey,filmed through some of Sarah’s favourite spots in Southern Africa, with various remote places with breath-taking backdrops.In the series, Sarah will go back to her native land along with her family. The road tripwill begin with Sarah preparing food an extensive meal for her friends and family in the scenic outdoors of Zimbabwe. Along the way the viewers willgo on early morning adventures in the wilderness. Sarah will share her culinary tips, offer new techniques of cooking and exotic recipes from her home.

Sarah’s cooking style is fresh and she will make local African foods palatable to an international audience. An enthusiastic chef, Sarahwill prove that nothing is impossible with the right ingredients. Also joining Sarah on the journey will be some unexpected guests in the form of Africa’s famed wildlife including lions and giraffes.

TLC_Sarah Graham's Food Safari (2)TLCwill bring to its viewers the culinary adventures of Sarah’s journey through the multicultural food scene, exploring the treasures of culinary heritage in Southern Africa. It’ll be food made with love under the twinkling lights of Cape Town or in the windy forests. The viewers will get delighted as Sarah Graham will make an entirely new collection of recipes with the right tools by her side.


Join Sarah Graham for an epic food journey through South Africa, starting Monday 13th June only on TLC!




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