Time to invoke authentic food !

It was a normal day with my friends somewhere in 2013 and we were discussing Pune evolving as a new food destination even better than Mumbai . Naturally Maharashtrian food was also in our discussions and like other typical Pune people , he said Pune Maharashtrian food is not the way it used to be. He cited various examples and one of the names that cropped up was Hotel Shreyas to which I spontaneously objected . I told that the eatery has an iconic status . Although the fact at that time was in the midst of my craving for exotic food , Maharashtrian food had taken a back seat and I did not have any thali for a long time.

So I decided to try it out and find out whether my friend was right or it was just another  “Pune is not the way it used to be” sort of a comment . I went on an odd day to Shreyas Siddhi Satara Road with my family and since then I have lost the count , probably I would have gone more than ten to fifteen  times in last two to three years . In a recent Press Conference in Pune  Ad Guru Pralhad Kakkar had openly expressed his liking for Maharashtrian Food and said that it is the most under advertised and under valued food. I couldn’t agree with him more.  So much so that I feel these types of thalis are a pure luxury . Whether is Masale Bhat , Kanda Bhaji, Katri Batata, Aluchi Bhaji, Crispy Jalebis, Modaks, Fruit Salad , Masala Puri , Varan Bhat , suralichi vadi , this is an endless list of pure luxury and taste if one could understand the context in what I am saying .

One thing is important when you are going to Shreyas go with an empty stomach. There are so many things to enjoy that you need a lot of space inside you . You will soon realize that eateries like Shreyas, Janseva , Badshahi , Atithi ,  Bedekar Misal , Poona Guest House , Shabri  etc are the original food identities of Pune ! In the midst of influx of exotic international food these still stand out and are meant to be enjoyed! Time to invoke Maharashtrian food




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