Oregano Pizza- With a Bromate free base

Oregano Pizza is a fast food cafe dedicated to pizzas. It’s located in Rambaug colony Kothrud, Pune. They have a diverse menu including pizza, pasta and wide range of combos to enjoy with family and friends. The ambience is simple with indoor as well as outdoor seating and silent music. There’s room for improvement regarding…

Aasing’s Burger- One stop Burger Destination

Aasing’s is basically a roadside food joint, a small little food tempo located exactly near law college serving varieties of deliciously loaded burgers! Their burgers are good with overloads of mayonnaise and sauces! Cherry on the cake is all the burgers are pocket friendly. If you go for a cheese burger they will serve it…

Sabores European Bistro

Searching for a pretty lit up space for a perfect dinner date? Then Sabores European Bistro on a busy Bhandarkar road is the one.

Khau Galli Street food festival at Pride Hotel

THE SECRET IS ON THE STREETS ! Street food in India is sold by hawkers from portable stalls, creating a contemporary food culture in any city. Cutting the barriers of religion, gender and ethnicity, people are passionate about street food.The Pride Hotel, Pune is organizing a “Khau Galli” street food festival at Puran Da Dhaba starting 20th till 29th September 2019.

eat.fit says “Namaskar” to Pune-kars

Leading integrated health and wellness start-up, cure.fit announced the launch of eat.fit, the healthy food delivery vertical in 4 cities including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune and Mysore today. Customers can now enjoy eat.

The Good Bowl, the good life!

The Good Bowl gives you a wide range of variation in bowls including quick value meals, desi bowls, pasta bowls to indulge from their desi to fusion, from pastas to biryanis. A bowl of deliciously cheesy pasta for the Friday Netflix evenings, spicy biryani on a Sunday afternoon, steaming hot Dal Makhani chawal at office that is just so perfectly reminiscent of home, Each dish that leaves you drooling, gives you the good life!